Our Partners for World Class Schools make it possible to continue providing new educational opportunities for CCISD students, and the impact of giving is one that affects not only the lives of each student, but expands the horizon for our educators to “teach in ways they’ve always wanted to teach,” says Joel Gonzales, Assistant Principal at Driscoll Middle School and former recipient of mulitple Grants for World Class Schools.

“Many times, teachers are constricted because of funding — ‘will I have the money to do this, will I have the money to do that’ — or they come up with these great ideas, and don’t have the funds to be spontaneously creative. Innovative thinking means bringing something into the classroom that students have never experienced before. The Corpus Christi Education Foundation helps teachers purchase the resources to make new experiences, and a better education, possible.”

The CCEF accepts both unrestricted and restricted contributions to fund educational programs through grant awards, as well as scholarships for CCISD students. The foundation is committed to the future of Corpus Christi by providing the best possible future for our students through a quality education, both while attending CCISD schools and in the pursuit of a college degree, trade certifications and/or real-world experiences that support personal and professional goals. We invite our community to join us in the effort to make a difference that will last a lifetime … one new opportunity, one student at a time.

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